Trinny and Susannah Go Chemo Chic!

trinny and susannah kissingThose fabulous fashionistas Trinny & Susannah have written a brilliant article on their blog – all about how to dress comfortably and stylishly after a mastectomy. We totally endorse their approach, and they totally endorse Chemo Chic. It’s an all-round love-in!

Read Trinny and Susannah’s excellent style tips here.


Amanda Goes Paraben-Free

Amanda WardellAfter Amanda O’Neill was diagnosed with breast cancer she became concerned about toxic ingredients in beauty products, both for herself and for her baby daughter. Amanda writes:

In June 2010, aged 33, and just after the birth of my little girl, I was shocked to hear the words “you have cancer.” I was diagnosed with breast cancer – a grade three invasive ductal carcinoma.

At the time, I didn’t fully understand what that meant but I knew it wasn’t good news. As a child, I watched my very beautiful mother battle brain cancer, so I knew what to expect of the chemotherapy, but Continue reading

Storm in a B Cup

Sometimes I fret that Chemo Chic is not covering all the issues from every angle. Cancer is a diverse disease. The type, grade and stage of your tumour will dictate the treatments and choices available to you. I have realised that I can only write from my own perspective. What I love is raising discussions. If you have anything at all to say about any of the things that appear here I encourage you to use the comments sections to get stuck in or better still, write your own article.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I was given a choice. Continue reading