Beauty Talk – An Interview with Margo Marrone

Margo Marrone began her career as a pharmacist. In the course of her research she was shocked to find how many toxic ingredients lurk in the cosmetics that we use every day. Margo founded The Organic Pharmacy with her husband Franco in 2002. The Organic Pharmacy and their make-up range Organic Glam have become trailblazers in covetable, natural skincare. We ask her some questions about cosmetics and cancer.  Continue reading


Coping With New Chemotherapy Research

A human fibroblast cell

In the past month research has been published that suggests that chemotherapy may cause cancers to return. The news is all over the internet, of course, and is presented differently by various groups according to their interests.

For several days I refused to read any of the articles. I don’t want to know about that, I thought. But this is important information, you have to read about it. Well, let me just say this: nobody HAS to read about anything if they don’t want to and no-one can make you. But this research Continue reading

The Comfort of Calendula

Last week I had a follow-up appointment with my wonderful oncologist, Dr Suzy Cleator, at the LOC. After three years my reaction to these appointments has gone from being semi-paralysed with anxiety to being laid back to the point of blasé. I hardly even mention them to my friends anymore.

‘Let’s have a look at you’, said Suzy. I ripped off my dress with the carefree nonchalance Continue reading

How to Prepare for a Week in Hospital

Dr Allan Hamilton, neurosurgeon and author of The Scalpel and the Soul, asserts that patients who maintain a sense of who they are fare better in hospital than those who do not. Making your hospital room into a piece of your own world helps to promote feelings of security and wellbeing. More importantly it helps the medical staff to connect with you as an individual rather than as just another inmate in a blue patterned surgical gown.

Here are some suggestions.  Continue reading

Gaby We Miss You

My beautiful cousin Gaby succumbed to cancer on the 17th of October 2008. She was a wonderful artist, funny, kind, clever and brave. Above all she was humane. I miss her every day.

This tribute to Gaby was composed and performed by the very talented Rory Lankester. I still cry every time I see it.

If you would like to pay tribute to someone you love, please get in touch.