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BAM Bamboo Beanie – review by Sue Mercer

Since losing my hair I have tried a lot of different headwear. At first I wore scarves and practiced with tying different styles but I always had the nagging fear that the scarf would come undone and I would be unawarely walking around with a half-exposed bald head – not a good look. After a while I learned to be bald and proud and had no difficulty in walking around with a bare head  – especially in the summer when the warmth of the sun felt particularly sensuous and healing. However there remained a fear of being ‘caught out’ unsuccessfully trying to conceal something deemed socially unacceptable. I likened it to a time in Bangladesh when I had gone out wearing Continue reading


Top Chemo Glamour Tips

At first, you may feel that you want to decline every social invitation. And that is perfectly fine. You are ill and you don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to.

Cancer really knocked my confidence. I shied away from groups of people, particularly people that I didn’t know. At first I was nervous to go out. Would my turban slip off in the middle of dinner? Would people snigger at my wig? Would I suddenly throw up all over the floor? Would I find myself feeling exhausted and be unable to get home easily?

These are real considerations. Little by little I learned how to pace myself and handle daily challenges. My confidence grew. One day I realised that I was ready to go to a party. But I needed the right outfit, one that would be comfortable yet glamorous, an outfit that would say “here is a self-posessed, stylish woman,” not “Hey! Look at that poor cancer victim”

Here are some tips:

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