Box Clever

My recovery programme has involved a truckload of therapies: chemotherapy; radiotherapy; adjuvant therapy; massage therapy; green juice therapy; brown rice therapy; psychotherapy… to name but a few. The therapy that has undoubtedly been the most fun is my patented Product Replacement TherapyContinue reading


Jingle Bells

Oh cripes. It’s Christmas again. I’m desperately sticking my finger into the dyke of denial about the whole event. Nonetheless Jingle Bells are leaking through here and there. I use my free hand to cover one of my ears. For Christmas last year I got disappointment and betrayal. Now I don’t want to think about the so-called season of goodwill anymore.

But what does Christmas mean to you? Peace on Earth. Goodwill to all. Presents!

You’ve probably got all the essential seasonal bribes for your kids, parents and partner by now, but what does one buy for one’s friend who has cancer? After all you should get her something if only to cheer her up. But you don’t want to seem preachy, nor inappropriately jokey. And in the back of your mind there is a tiny, nagging whisper that this Christmas might be her last… it’s a minefield.

Here is a roundup of Chemo Chic approved Christmas gifts. Continue reading