Good Glamour

PINK is bustin’ out all o-o-ver. If you’ve been anywhere near a department store in the last couple of weeks you will not have failed to notice that it is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

To celebrate, I’ve been down to the hospital and had a bunch of scans and mammograms and they’re all clear!

Breast cancer awareness month is obviously a not-to-be-missed opportunity for celebrities to flaunt their caring credentials. But what about your friend who is actually going through breast cancer? Is she out at some cosmetics-industry sponsored party, drinking pink champagne, snacking on smoked salmon and strawberry cupcakes and being photographed for Heat magazine? Hell no! Continue reading




October sweeps in on a wave of insanely glorious sunshine and a tsunami of bonkers pink ribbon promotions.

If you were reading Chemo Chic this time last year, you will know that I am all in favour of raising money for breast cancer charities and being generally aware of the signs of BC to look out for. But some of the ways that companies latch onto this particular good cause to push their products is suspect, bordering on outright exploitative.

First out of the traps is Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Tampa, Florida. So if you fancy gorging on hamburgers whilst gambling away your lifesavings for the cause, grab a cab to Heathrow now! Continue reading

BPA – Join the Revolution

You may remember my one-woman investigation into the fact that those of us who eat food out of tins (and who doesn’t – apart from me?) are being bombarded with an oestrogenic substance called Bisphenol-A.

Spurred on by the Breast Cancer Fund’s Kick the Can campaign, I have pledged to eat no tinned food in July. For me, it was easy: no BPA infested tinned food has passed my lips for over a year now. But for most of us, avoiding tinned food falls into the ‘too-hard basket’ of life. Don’t despair, Continue reading

This Sounds Interesting

The Yes to Life Seminar Series
Cancer: Building an Integrative Treatment Programme
Saturday, 18 June 2011
9.30am – 1pm
University of Westminster, 115 New Cavendish Street, London W1W 6UW
Our top speakers from the world of integrative cancer care include
Patricia Peat RGN – Founder, Cancer Options
Dr Nicola Hembry – Specialist in Environmental and Nutritional Medicine
Dr Robert Jacobs – Specialist in Functional and Nutritional Medicine
Early bird tickets £10  standard tickets £12.50 – to book click here
To find out about Yes to Life, visit

What Goes Around Comes Around

In my last post I roundly slammed a plethora of Pinkwash products all aiming to part you from your cash by offering you the chance to support breast cancer charities. Now I am going to attempt to part you from your cash by offering you the chance to support breast cancer charities.

Yes, any of us can simply send a donation at any time with no more effort than a mouse click but, as the many breast cancer charities wisely understand, where’s the fun in that? Continue reading