Coping With New Chemotherapy Research

A human fibroblast cell

In the past month research has been published that suggests that chemotherapy may cause cancers to return. The news is all over the internet, of course, and is presented differently by various groups according to their interests.

For several days I refused to read any of the articles. I don’t want to know about that, I thought. But this is important information, you have to read about it. Well, let me just say this: nobody HAS to read about anything if they don’t want to and no-one can make you. But this research Continue reading


A Letter to My Last Born

Eloise Hopkins wrote a letter that helped her to process some difficult emotions:

There are no notes to refer to of that time. The emotions so raw and powerful they couldn’t bear analysis. Could be barely lived through.

I found the lump in my breast whilst feeding you, sat cuddled up close on my bed. Investigations followed with me curious to know the cause. A blocked milk duct was my guess but the consultant soon disabused me of that notion. “We found something. It’s cancer.”

My tears at diagnosis were not for mortality but for the loss. Our loss. Desperate phone calls to experts for advice followed. Hurriedly rushing to every door, every opportunity explored. The answer emerged clearer and clearer. The feeding must stop. The milk must stop. And it must stop quickly.  Continue reading