Berry Nice

Red and blue berries are stuffed with phytochemicals, flavonoids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. They’re like tiny health bombs. Right now berries are in season and at their cheapest, so fill your freezer.

Here is a recipe:  Continue reading


Shopping Made Simple

After being diagnosed with cancer we are often inundated with a small avalanche of dietary advice. Everyone, it seems, is keen to offer opinions about what we should or should not eat. I read books on macrobiotics, juicing, raw food, the dangers of dairy and the importance of iodine until I felt the need to go and lie downin a darkened room with a chocolate éclair over my eyes.

I instinctively felt that eating the right things would play a very important part in my recovery. But I have to say, I did become fearful, overwhelmed and a little bit paranoid about Continue reading

BPA – Join the Revolution

You may remember my one-woman investigation into the fact that those of us who eat food out of tins (and who doesn’t – apart from me?) are being bombarded with an oestrogenic substance called Bisphenol-A.

Spurred on by the Breast Cancer Fund’s Kick the Can campaign, I have pledged to eat no tinned food in July. For me, it was easy: no BPA infested tinned food has passed my lips for over a year now. But for most of us, avoiding tinned food falls into the ‘too-hard basket’ of life. Don’t despair, Continue reading

How to Drink Water

I went to see the nurse for a routine check-up this morning. She weighed me – you have to put on some weight for me – and took my blood pressure – low, you have to drink more water or you will pass out!

Want to have glowing skin? Want to relieve constipation? Want to lose weight? Want to think more clearly? Want to play at Wembley? The answer, it would seem, is always the same – drink more water! But mineral water is expensive and environmentally problematic. Tap water often just seems a bit blah. How do we force all this lovely, life enhancing H2O down our throats? Continue reading

Move Along Please

No point in trying to fancy it up with euphemisms – this post is all about poo.

Lying in bed causes bowel movements to slow down. Add opiate painkillers and dehydration into the mix and you create the perfect conditions for concrete guts.

Here are some tips on natural laxatives from naturopath and goddess of goodness Rebecca Edwards. Continue reading

Check Up

In his excellent book ‘Anti Cancer, a New Way of Life’, Dr David Servan-Schreiber writes about changes that we can all make in our daily lives that will improve our odds of surviving cancer or, better still, not getting it in the first place.

In clear language Dr David explains why he believes these simple lifestyle changes are important. I won’t go into all his research and reasons why. I mean that’s what the book is all about. I thoroughly recommend it to everyone. But, in a nutshell, Continue reading

BPA – A Canalily Investigation

In past posts I have drawn attention to concerns about Bisphenol-A. Apparently it is an endocrine disruptor that mimics oestrogen in the body. If you’ve been with me up to now (come on, keep up!) you will know that, in the context of breast cancer, this is not a good thing.

I have read that the lining of tins is made of plastic and known to leach Bisphenol-A. In general, plastic will release far more chemicals when heated. Tins of food are heated to high temperatures when they are sealed, in order to kill bacteria.

In August 2009 a group of French Senators tabled a bill that proposed to ban BPA in all food Continue reading