Amanda Goes Paraben-Free

Amanda WardellAfter Amanda O’Neill was diagnosed with breast cancer she became concerned about toxic ingredients in beauty products, both for herself and for her baby daughter. Amanda writes:

In June 2010, aged 33, and just after the birth of my little girl, I was shocked to hear the words “you have cancer.” I was diagnosed with breast cancer – a grade three invasive ductal carcinoma.

At the time, I didn’t fully understand what that meant but I knew it wasn’t good news. As a child, I watched my very beautiful mother battle brain cancer, so I knew what to expect of the chemotherapy, but Continue reading


Good Glamour

PINK is bustin’ out all o-o-ver. If you’ve been anywhere near a department store in the last couple of weeks you will not have failed to notice that it is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

To celebrate, I’ve been down to the hospital and had a bunch of scans and mammograms and they’re all clear!

Breast cancer awareness month is obviously a not-to-be-missed opportunity for celebrities to flaunt their caring credentials. But what about your friend who is actually going through breast cancer? Is she out at some cosmetics-industry sponsored party, drinking pink champagne, snacking on smoked salmon and strawberry cupcakes and being photographed for Heat magazine? Hell no! Continue reading

Beauty Talk – An Interview with Margo Marrone

Margo Marrone began her career as a pharmacist. In the course of her research she was shocked to find how many toxic ingredients lurk in the cosmetics that we use every day. Margo founded The Organic Pharmacy with her husband Franco in 2002. The Organic Pharmacy and their make-up range Organic Glam have become trailblazers in covetable, natural skincare. We ask her some questions about cosmetics and cancer.  Continue reading

The Comfort of Calendula

Last week I had a follow-up appointment with my wonderful oncologist, Dr Suzy Cleator, at the LOC. After three years my reaction to these appointments has gone from being semi-paralysed with anxiety to being laid back to the point of blasé. I hardly even mention them to my friends anymore.

‘Let’s have a look at you’, said Suzy. I ripped off my dress with the carefree nonchalance Continue reading

Making Sense of Sunscreen

Jan writes: “Hello, I’m looking for an invisible, lightweight, non-greasy, non-toxic/organic facial sunscreen that can be worn under makeup.”

Aaaaargh, sunscreen!

This is one of the gnarliest subjects in beauty. Before I make a recommendation, there are a few things to know, briefly:  Continue reading

Things I Wish I’d Known Before #1 – Essential Chemo Handbag Kit

May as well face this head on: having chemotherapy can lead to some horrendously embarrassing beauty mishaps. When I was going through the worst of it not only was I bald; my nose ran all the time and also bled a little; my eyes leaked tears for want of eyelashes; my nails flaked; I turned lobster red with hot flushes; my digestive system was in turmoil; my lips and skin were dry and, on account of having no eyebrows, I looked like a space-baby from Mars. Keeping up appearances became a full time job and inevitably, when my painstakingly constructed mask of normality slipped it was always at the bus stop, in the supermarket or some other glaringly public place.

So, for your comfort and safety, I have devised the Chemo Chic essential handbag kit. Don’t leave home without it!  Continue reading

Cleansers From Heaven

By Jessica Jones

Who doesn’t love Eve Lom cleanser? The rich green oily goop. The heavenly menthol smell. The clinical, white packaging with just that touch of glamorous gold. The cute muslin cloth. The luxury price tag (£55). Vogue went so far as to call it the “best cleanser in the world” Ok well maybe that is pushing it. After all, there can’t actually be a “world’s best cleanser,” can there?  Continue reading