It is a fundamental tenet of many twelve step programmes that “We only keep what we have by giving it away” What I have gained from my experience of breast cancer has been love, the ability to connect with friends and strangers, courage and a stronger sense of who I am. If this blog helps you in any way then it will have gone some way towards repaying my debt of gratitude to the countless people who have helped me.

I am sincerely grateful for the acts of kindness that have carried and are still carrying me through the frightening confusion of cancer and its aftermath.

You may not know how you have helped. But, trust me, you have.

Adela Campbell; Alice Temple; Amanda Barlow; Amelia Cook; Andy Carroll; Anna Hall; Anne de Charmant; Anton Mossa; Astrid Parker; Barry Adamson; Bella Freud; Beverly Marsland; Bob Morgen; Brett Walker; Dr Camilla Ducker; Dr Carmel Coulter; Caroline Andrew; Cathy Kasterine; Chris Gration; Chris Herd; Chris Mordue; Claire Gordon; Clare Sullivan; Claudie Layton; David Remfry; Mr Dmitri Hadjiminas; Elizabeth Bowman; Emma Howarth; Emma Lyttelton; Dr Erika Chess; Eve Howard; Graeme Hill; Herman Stephens; Hilary Boyajian; Imelda Burke; India-Fire Mehta-Cole; Jacqueline Skott; James Ohene-Djan; Jane Clarke; JD Kelleher; Jennifer Nadel; Jenny Demetri; Jessy Herbert; Jinny Johnson; John Connolly; Johnny Rozsa; Julia Herbert; Karine Jackson; Kate Herbert; Kell Skott; Kumari Salgado; Lisa Ward; Lizzie Fleetwood Hartnoll; Lulu Ainsworth; Lynn Miller; Margo Marrone; Mark Thomas; Mary Parkinson; Matthew Burton; Melanie Metcalfe; Michele McQuillan; Milly St Aubyn; Mike Cole; Mitsu Sousa; Naomi Howard; Natalie MacKenzie; Dr Neil Brener; Nic Flynn; Patricia Peat; Paul Gills; Phillip Donoghue; Rachel Aubyn; Dr Rachel Garner; Radcliffe Royds; Rebecca Edwards; Ree Van Galen; Ros Tonello; Rosie Boycott; Ross Grayson-Bell; Rowan Ainsworth; Ruth Howard; Sally Curry; Sam McEwen; Sarah Sarhandi; Sarah Stanton; Simon Crane; Simon Drake; Sophie Molins; Steven Back; Susie Porter; Dr Suzy Cleator; Tanya Sarne; Tim Cole; Tim Littlemore; Tracey White; Tricia Heyland; Trinny Woodall; Vonni Littlemore; Mr Wahid Adada; Wendy Bain.

Joss, Lindy, Tash; Carol; Rosa; Sharon; Milly; Kim; Anne and all the nurses and staff at the Harley Street Clinic.

Clearly I could not do any of this on my own.

Jessica Jones