About the Chemo Chic Project

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, writer Jessica Jones started the acclaimed blog Chemo Chic – A Guide to Surviving Cancer With Style. 

The Times chose Chemo Chic as one of 40 Blogs that Really Count. Channel 4Beauty voted it one of the Best Health Blogs. Jessica’s story has been told in her book The Elegant Art of Falling Apart [Hachette, Australia; Unbound, UK].

But the Chemo Chic story continues with the launch of The Chemo Chic Project.

Here you’ll find useful and practical suggestions on everything from tying scarves and finding natural and organic make-up, to accessing benefits and simple, healthy but delicious recipes.

There are tons of links to all of the most helpful and fantastic cancer related websites on our Address Book page.

Chemo Chic is for anyone who has experienced cancer – now or in the past. Chemo Chic is for anyone whose friend, family member or loved one has experienced cancer – now or in the past. We want YOUR input. Everything from your experience with wigs and bras to recipes to make-up tips or brushes with crazy cancer cures. Your experience will make all the difference to someone else who is yet to face the trauma and triumph of becoming totally Chemo Chic.

If you have a story that can inspire others, or just some good practical experience, then we would love your contribution.

Please contact us with your stories, questions or suggestions.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer there was so much I did not know. I still don’t know a great deal – but everything that I learned along the way I shared on my blog. To my mind, that is the point – Chemo Chic is not about me, its about sharing what I’ve learned. Now I am asking you to do the same. Together we will create a brilliant resource for anyone going through the trauma of cancer. – Jessica Jones, founder of The Chemo Chic Project.


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