Good Glamour

PINK is bustin’ out all o-o-ver. If you’ve been anywhere near a department store in the last couple of weeks you will not have failed to notice that it is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

To celebrate, I’ve been down to the hospital and had a bunch of scans and mammograms and they’re all clear!

Breast cancer awareness month is obviously a not-to-be-missed opportunity for celebrities to flaunt their caring credentials. But what about your friend who is actually going through breast cancer? Is she out at some cosmetics-industry sponsored party, drinking pink champagne, snacking on smoked salmon and strawberry cupcakes and being photographed for Heat magazine? Hell no! She’s probably spark out in a hospital bed, languishing in a chemotherapy unit or tucked up at home on the sofa being sick into a pink plastic bag.

So, working hand-in-glove with Content Beauty and the Good Glamour Guide, we have devised something that will really cheer her up: the Chemo Chic essential handbag kit. It contains a selection of products for the face and hands that will make her feel cared-for. This bag of uplifting, pampering potions has the added benefit of containing no toxic, carcinogenic or hormone disrupting ingredients – a definite plus when choosing gifts for the cancer-afflicted, I’m sure you’ll agree. As an added bonus, 10% of all sales proceeds will be donated to Breast Cancer UK, a charity dedicated to tackling the breast cancer epidemic through a strategy of prevention.

Here’s what is in it:

Hurraw Black Cherry lip balm – a raw, organic, cold-pressed, vegan (no kidding!) balm to keep her lips supple and add a touch of healthy colour.

Suvana Paw-paw & honey balm – hospital environments are terribly drying. This balm is great for cuticles, chapped hands and cracked nails. It contains soothing and healing paw-paw and honey, with no petroleum jelly or other petrochemical derivatives.

Pai Rosehip & BioRegenerate fruit and seed oil – Rich in Trans-Retinoic acid and Omega 6 & 3 essential fatty acids, high potency rosehip oil has been clinically proved to reduce scarring, stretch marks and wrinkles. Use it on the face, and on any healing scars, morning and night.

Green & Spring Antibacterial Hand Gel – With a compromised immune system, it is essential that your friend protect herself from pathogens as much as possible. It is wise practice to use a hand sanitiser regularly. This gel contains no drying alcohol, nor carcinogenic Triclosan and it smells heavenly. Makes a welcome change from the antisepticy hospital variety.

The Chemo Chic essential handbag kit is £39 from Content Beauty. Buy it now.

p.s. the Chemo Chic Project does not benefit financially from this offer. The only winners are you, your friend and Breast Cancer UK.


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