Stunning News

We have received an email from Chemo Chic contributor Sim Warren. Sim writes:

I just wanted to let you know that I had some great news this morning, I am in remission!! (Will allow two exclamation marks here – ed.) The new treatment – Brentuximab – has worked an actual miracle (altho I also believe that fun and love and dancing and friendship has also played a massive part.)

love and light,

Sim xxxxx

Read the full story here.


2 thoughts on “Stunning News

  1. We are at present raising funds for my daughter to get the Brentuximab treatment. If all goes well she would be able to start the treatment soon if we can get the money raised for the first 5 cycles. We registered the Karen Buchler Cancer Fund in South Africa and we must import the Brentuximab under a paid named patient programme. We are so thankfull for the New Hope that this product is giving my daughter and all her supporters and we are going flatout to try and raise the funds.

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