How the World of Wigs Has Changed – part 2

Here is an update on Deepa’s story

We went up to the hospital as the wig we had chosen had arrived. I had quite high expectations given all that we had discussed. I knew it would need to be thinned and shaped. Sean fitted it on to my head and I looked like… Myra Hindley! Even Sean had to admit it was the case. So, back to the drawing board. My mother had said in the first place that I should go for something short and it is galling to find that as usual she is right. The new wig probably arrives next week and the chemo starts. I’m getting ready to say goodbye to my hair again and not sure how I will feel when it actually happens.

We asked Deepa for a photo…

I am very self conscious about photos – always have been! I now have a wig that has been trimmed to suit me. I need to do some fiddling with it and see if I can get used to it. My mum did tell me to go for a short wig and as usual she is right. I keep finding myself scanning everyone I see, wondering if they are wearing wigs. I had thought that I wouldn’t care if people knew I was wearing a wig but find that now I do. Really, it shouldn’t be anyone’s business but it is always scary to feel judged.

It is interesting to notice how deeply hair loss affects us emotionally. Do you feel judged or ashamed for wearing a wig? Please share your thoughts or leave a comment below.


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