Judith Goes Natural

Chemo Chic reader Judith writes…

I lost all my hair after chemotherapy for breast cancer. When my hair started to grow back it was greyish and a bit curly. Prior to treatment it was straight and honey-blonde with a bit of grey underneath (which foils disguised). I decided not to colour anymore (I have that fear of chemicals etc.) and to just let it do whatever it wanted. It was exciting in a way to emerge as a new person and lovely to have hair back again. I decided to use only organic shampoo and conditioner and to go easy with the hair dryer. I live in Australia and I’ve found a great product:  Melrose Botanicals Everyday Shampoo, Rosemary and the same conditioner.

As my hair grew, it straightened and started to turn light brown with a few lighter grey streaks – I wonder if it is the Rosemary extract, as I had read this can naturally cover grey. My hair is shiny now. I shampoo every 2 days and I make sure I have a good cut every 7 weeks or so.

How liberating not to have to recolour.

My advice to women going through chemotherapy – afterwards wait until you get a bit of length in your hair then get a good cut and don’t colour.  Your colour may change as mine did. Use only organic products, exercise and eat well.  Pretty scarves can be worn during that growing-in time.

Judith (left), with her sister Trish

What have you decided about recolouring your hair after chemo? If you have a story to share, please get in touch.


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