How the World of Wigs Has Changed

Deepa had to go through the trauma of losing her hair as a teenager. Now, she’s facing it all over again. Deepa writes…

My first ‘wig experience’ was 29 years ago. I was 14 and had just been diagnosed with leukaemia. An NHS ‘wig woman’ came to see me in my hospital room. She did not like that my mum, my dad’s work colleague and I were being silly trying on all sorts of wigs to help me deal with losing my waist length hair. Thinking that a bald head might be slippy, I asked her,”what will happen if it is windy?” (thinking the wig might blow off). She replied in very cold tones, “well you’ll just have to be careful won’t you”. I never did wear the appalling wig that was supplied. Now, so many years later I’m back there again contemplating hair loss as this time I face breast cancer. The person I am seeing couldn’t be more different – kind, understanding and accommodating. It feels as if it matters to him that the wig I have should look absolutely real. Things have certainly changed.

We hope that Deepa will keep us updated with her wig story as it unfolds (photos please!)

If you have a story to share, please get in touch.


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