Airborne Glamour

I am writing this from sometimes-sunny Sydney. Obviously I got here on an aeroplane but unless you’ve ever done it yourself you may be unaware of just what a long and arduous flight it is from the UK to Australia… even for brats like me who insist on spending every penny of their hard earned cash on a business class ticket (best deals: Trailfinders). Which was just as well because after Royston drove me to the airport at 99 miles and hour with AC/DC’s Highway To Hell blasting at five thousand decibels I needed a bit of a lie down.

But I’m not one to be idle for long. After reading the in-flight safety card, thein-flight menu and the in-flight movie programme, I put my time on the twenty-four hour flight to work on your behalf researching in-flight beauty.

For several years now our travels have been blighted by airport restrictions on what and how much we can take aboard planes in liquid, gel or lotion form. So packing the right products for a long flight takes meticulous planning.

After a great deal of deliberation about what I couldn’t live without for a whole day I have devised the Chemo Chic In-Flight Beauty Bag.

Products classed as liquids that must be carried in a clear plastic zip-lock bag:

  • Pai Rosehip Bioregenerate facial oil: mix a few drops with the moisturiser for extra richness. Because of limited space I use the moisturiser/ rosehip oil mixture on my hands as well, rather than taking a separate hand cream.
  • Comvita Propolis toothpaste: try to save an almost exhausted tube so you can roll it up and it won’t take up so much space in your zip-lock bag.

Products not classed as liquids:

  • Silk eye mask (the aeroplane ones tend to be plastic backed and scratchy).
Got a great travel tip? Please tell us about it.

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