First bit of good news that we’ve been meaning to tell you about:

To: Jessica Jones
Subject: Congratulations!
Hello Jessica,
I’m writing withsome exciting news, which is that Chemo Chic has made it into 4Beauty’s round-up of the best health blogs:
We love your blog and are so pleased to be able to feature it on the site.

Congrats again and Merry Christmas from the 4Beauty team.

I am beyond pleased to be featured on their site. Channel Four’s 4Beauty isn’t just any old beauty website. It is, if you like, the Delia Smith of beauty sites – a gold mine of really useful basic information: make-up videos; fashion tips; how to wear lipstick and guides to creating glamorous hair styles. This is the kind of stuff that fashion magazines just don’t tell us, the kind of stuff that I spent years figuring out.

My pick of the day from 4Beauty is How to Apply Mineral Makeup, something I’ve been meaning to write about but haven’t quite found the time to do. I suggest that you read it immediately and save me the bother of writing a similar piece.

Best mineral foundations:


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