Jingle Bells

Oh cripes. It’s Christmas again. I’m desperately sticking my finger into the dyke of denial about the whole event. Nonetheless Jingle Bells are leaking through here and there. I use my free hand to cover one of my ears. For Christmas last year I got disappointment and betrayal. Now I don’t want to think about the so-called season of goodwill anymore.

But what does Christmas mean to you? Peace on Earth. Goodwill to all. Presents!

You’ve probably got all the essential seasonal bribes for your kids, parents and partner by now, but what does one buy for one’s friend who has cancer? After all you should get her something if only to cheer her up. But you don’t want to seem preachy, nor inappropriately jokey. And in the back of your mind there is a tiny, nagging whisper that this Christmas might be her last… it’s a minefield.

Here is a roundup of Chemo Chic approved Christmas gifts.
Natural and organic beauty products

Organic Pharmacy Virgin Cold Pressed Rose Hip Seed Serum. Fabulous for rehydrating dried chemo faces and also an excellent healing helper for scars.

Moo Goo Anti-Ageing Face Cream with Resveratrol. Dreadful packaging with pictures of cows’ faces contains a simply outstanding moisturiser.

Spiezia Intensive Moisturiser. A super-nourishing rich night cream made purely from organic, cold-pressed oils.

Nude Cleansing Facial Oil. Smells gorgeous and removes all makeup without dehydrating your face.

REN Rose Duo Gift Set. Divine body wash and body cream.

John Masters Organics Evening Primrose Shampoo. If your friend’s hair is growing back she really should give it nothing but the best. This is a gorgeous shampoo with no SLS, SLES or other nasties.

Less is More Hair Lacquer. Smells lovely and contains no nasty chemicals.

Invisible Zinc Sun Screen. Wide spectrum mineral based sun screen without nanoparticles that doesn’t turn one into a pale ghost.

Non-toxic make-up

Organic Glam Mascara. Margo Marrone spent five years developing this alternative mascara. It glides on and is luxuriously lengthening.

Organic Glam Lipstick red. Creamy lipstick with incredibly intense colour.

Inika Organic Eye Liner. Has a nifty sharpener built into the lid.

Inika Mineral Eyeshadow. Vibrant colours. Can be used wet or dry.

Priti Nail Polish. No nail polish is totally safe but Priti is one of the less toxic brands.

Priti Soy Polish Remover. Non-toxic, not carcinogenic and it takes off your nail polish quickly.
This Christmas list is bringing on a bout of covetousness. I’m going out for a walk in the snow. I may be some time…

What fabulous and original gift do you want for Christmas? Please tell us.


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